August 18, 2017

Swiss Army Jersey Hoodie

The Swiss Army Jersey Hoodie is another new hooded E.S.S piece, featuring our trademark overlong sleeves to keep one's digits nice and warm, with simple yet beautiful herringbone tape detailing on the hood

Front View

Back View

Closeup of herringbone tape detailing

Orime Hood Jacket

Our new unisex Orime Hood Jacket, cut from a sumptuously textured cotton with sleeve zip detailing and oversized patch pockets

Back view

Front View

Side View

Closeup of sleeve and pocket detailing

August 11, 2017

A-Line Shirt Dress

A-Line Shirt Dress in our store window. Made with beautifully textured herringbone linen with contrasting cupro collar and sleeves. Pictured with new JSP 19th Century Oval Metal Locket on Vintage Chain

Swiss Army Jersey Top

A tight fitting E.S.S basic, cut from super-stretchy cotton jersey. Long in the body with an asymmetric bottom hem, it's sure to keep you nice and warm through to the final stretch of biting weather

August 1, 2017

Window Display

Covenant Coat in black wool with recent arrival JSP 19th Silver Spectacles on Vintage Chain. Pictured with High Collar Pullover Shirt and Encercler Skirt

July 28, 2017

JSP 19th Century Crochet Purse Necklace

One of many sublime new pieces from JSP, the 19th Century Crochet Purse Necklace. Pictured with our Large Collar Shirt

Elytra Jacket

Our stunning new Elytra Jacket: cut from bamboo linen and fully-lined, it features stunning panel and pleating detailing and lapels that can be done all the way up

Front view with lapels down up

Side view showing exquisite panelling detail

Rear view displaying pleating detail and single vent